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What we Offer

We have everything you need. High-speed internet, ultimate TV, home phone service and bundle deals. Choose the service you need



Get the internet speed you desire. Play online games, Stream online HD videos, Download and Upload huge files with ease. Get download speed according to your needs. Choose from a wide range of plans, and choose any plan that meets your needs. Feel the power of amazing internet, connect as many devices you want and still get the same speed as before.



Get awesome viewing quality with numerous HD TV channels. Don’t let low quality interrupt your favourite movie or TV show. Choose quality service today and change the way of watching for you and your family. Sports, Movies, Cartoon, Pick Whatever you want to choose for yourself from a wide range of channels.

Home Phone

Home Phone

Now talk to your family and loved one with a reliable home phone network. Enjoy unlimited local and national voice calling. Get a clear and reliable home phone connection. Get unlimited nationwide calling and calling to half the world at a competitive rate. Enjoy multiple calling features with your home phone connection.



Get all the services under one package. It makes sense to bundle all the services together, why pay more when you get everything for less. Bundle TV service, Internet services and home phone services and get extreme benefits on both. Get more channels under less price and get more speed & more data for internet.

Why Choose Us?

Better Speed

We offer high-speed internet suitable for all your online activities. Whether it's streaming, downloading or uploading large files or playing online multiplayer games, everything is possible with our high-speed internet plans.

Value for Money

Get the best services at the best price. We offer multiple packages from the best providers in the country that fits and suit the budget and need for every type of user. Choose the speed and channels you want at the best price.

Better Network

We ensure you of great network coverage. We offer services from the best service providers throughout the country. So enjoy quality service wherever you are. Choose the services you want and we will deliver it to you

Variety of Services

We offer TV, internet, home phone, and bundle services from the service providers across the country. Choose the service you want: High-speed internet, HD TV channels, reliable home phone services and bundle plans that let you save on your monthly bill.

Professional Installation

Enjoy professional installation offered to you. Choose the services you want and leave the rest to our expert. Our experts will get the products installed at your convenience without charging any installation fee.

Reliable Assistance

Customers are kings and we aim towards providing valuable assistance to the kings. We have a team of professionals who offer quality guidance and advice to our customers. We work towards offering reliable assistance and resolve customer's queries.

Exclusive Packages

Internet Packages

$55.00 / month
  • Starting from $55/mo.
  • Downloading speed starting from 300Mbps
  • Ideal for Online Gaming & streaming
  • Wi-Fi Equipment included
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HDTV Packages

$64.99 / month
  • Starting from $64.99/mo
  • 165+ Channels
  • HD DVR Box Included
  • Installation Included
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Bundle Packages

$129.99 / month
  • TV + Internet
  • 165+ Channels
  • 300 Mbps internet speed
  • High Speed Internet
  • Installation Included
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